Buying a Weighted Training Vest for Calisthenics

Calisthenics is an effective form of strength training that is preferred by many people. The exercise genre consists of a variety of movements exercising large muscle groups.

For example, calisthenics involves movements around standing, grasping, pushing, and other stances and actions. Exercises in this kind of workout are often performed in rhythm while using minimal equipment for bodyweight exercises.

Calisthenics is an overall well-rounded workout for anyone, from someone who uses it as regular exercise for health to a professional athlete or fighter who needs it for toning or other purposes.

To do calisthenics the right way, you should do primary and combined exercises, training frequently, and making it an objective to maximize gains. Also, you will need to use volume and tension in order to stimulate hypertrophy effectively.

While it can be a maintenance-type workout, Calisthenics can also be used for building muscle and strength.

To upgrade your calisthenics, you will have to incorporate additional weight. And the best piece of equipment you can use to do so is a weighted vest which effectively increases the exercise difficulty.

Advantages of Weighted Calisthenics

Weighted calisthenics will allow you to perform bodyweight exercises with sufficient difficulty so that you can continue to progress. And when you do weighted calisthenics, you come closer to weight lifting.

Essentially, your body is loaded in both weight lifting and calisthenics as you roughly engage and train the same major muscle groups. But there are significant differences between these two types of exercises.

Generally, with calisthenics, exercises offer fewer points of contact than weight lifting, but it engages postural muscles more.

A plus for weighted calisthenics, however, while better weightlifting is for building muscles, is that it is more well-rounded when it comes to incorporating weight into more practical movements. Hence, weighted calisthenics is significantly better when it comes to functional strength training.

This is why you will need a durable but flexible piece of equipment that will not hinder you when moving and not cause any interruption to your rhythmic, repetitive exercises.

Here’s What You Need to Consider When Buying a Weighted Training Vest for Calisthenics.


Calisthenics is rigorous and involves repetition and fast movements.

Some examples of exercises involved are push-ups, jumping jacks, pull-ups, trunk twists, chin-ups, planks, sit-ups, lunges, and more.

Looking at these exercises, you will need excellent mobility and flexibility. You should not buy a product that will hinder you from the complete movement of your limbs and body.

Also, you need a piece of equipment that will not cause any interruptions like sudden breakages or falling weights. You need something that is sturdy enough to take on the stress that comes with calisthenics.

Your weighted vest has to be strong, heavy-duty, flexible, well-fitting, enduring, and reliable.

Vest Preferences

Short Sando Sleeves - If you wear a weighted vest whose sleeves reach your shoulders and armpits, you will not be able to stretch your arms fully and freely for functional strength training.

High-Cut Vest - When your weighted vest covers your entire torso, it will be significantly bulky, and you won’t be able to twist and stretch decently. You need a high-cut vest that allows you to curve your body and freely stretch your hips and legs.

Snug Fit - Do not get a product that fits one size. Get one that has adjustable straps that allow you to fit the piece of equipment to your body properly. Remember that a loose-fitting weighted vest can get you out of balance into an untoward accident.

Removable Weights - Do not buy vests with permanently attached weights. Such a vest will disallow you from customizing the stress or challenge that your capacity allows. With a removable weight, you can also gradually increase the stress you need to fit how much you can bear.

Smaller Weight Bricks - When your weighted vest comes with 2-kilogram bricks, you won’t be able to fine-tune your custom weight according to your capacity. The best denomination for weight bricks is 2.2. pounds (1kg), which is the sweet spot that allows you to choose more specifically the weight you will work with.

Durable Material - Calisthenics requires small breaks but vigorous repeated movements that can stress the vest. Hence, it is vital that the vest holds on to your body and carries the weighted bricks with integrity and strength.

One tear on the vest and a weighted brick can head directly to a foot or a face. One small injury can cost you weeks or months of training, which is far from ideal when you’re a trainer, athlete, or fighter.

Don’t Settle for Less.

Only a vest with these specifications can ensure effective and safe weighted vest calisthenics. And one of the best things about finding such a quality vest is that if it is good enough for calisthenics, it is excellent for running, Crossfit, and other vigorous workouts, and also less strenuous ones.

This type of weighted vest is perfect for many exercises.

Do Not Go for Cheap Pieces of Equipment

On average, the cost of a weighted vest ranges from $40 to $100. And often, the price will be an indicator of quality, of course, alongside recommendations.

What you can be sure of is that the cost of heavy-duty materials is not low. Hence, you can say that it would be best to purchase not only a vest that is well-received but one that doesn’t come cheap.

Higher premiums often mean that your equipment is made from durable material. And great reviews will tell you that people can rely on the product.

Today’s market best is the 35lbs Hanzo Weight Vest which will cost you $168 per unit. While not the cheapest, you can save money with it by avoiding accidents caused by a lousy piece of workout equipment.

This vest is heavy-duty and made with double-stitched nylon, reinforced with TPE foam. It not only allows you to mitigate accidents and unwanted medical costs, but it is a product that is guaranteed to last you a lifetime.